Solstice / Pontiac

Our products fit all Solstice Roadsters.

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New Item Spot Light:  Jack Pucks: For Safely Jacking up your Solstice! = Must haves!




Glovebox Bags: designed Just for the tiny Solstice (Kappa) glovebox.  Customize your Glovebox as well, a great Accessory! Make great Gifts!

Brush Bags:



Most all things shown here are Made in the USA!



Our Console bags:



Our Embroidered Hats:

As you can see, lots of choices, lots of colors.


We have our very handy, Accessory bags:



Made in the USA!

Our Engine Covers:



Fuse Box Covers:

Seat Straps:

Seat Belt Pads:

Brush Bags: