Opel GT Console Bag Red

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This Listing is for one (1) Embroidered Console bag.

It is made of top quality black naugahyde (vinyl)

As you can see it has Opel GT Emblem Embroidered on it.

Will fit all models of Opel GT.

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This Listing is for one (1) Opel GT Console Bag Red. Fits all Opel GT (Kappas)!

It is handcrafted of top-quality black vinyl

As you can see it has the Opel GT logo Embroidered on the bag.

If you own an OPEL GT you need this bag! Super handy storage.

Made in the USA!

Bag measures approx. 6″ X 18″ in the flat.

Features two pockets that are about 4″ deep.

Keeps your cell phone, wallet, checkbook, pen whatever you need at your fingertips handy!

There is no glue, no drilling, no screwing, no messing about.

On the back of the bag, there are clips sewn on that hold the bags in place.

Super easy to install and remove, just slide the clips under the console one side at a time, and you are done- Removes just as easy!

Now obviously, the Kappas lack in the storage department, so this will make you Love your Kappa even more.

Will last for years!

No Disappointments!!

Make great gifts!!

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × .5 in


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