Kappa Fuse box covers

These are our awesome Kappa Fuse box covers. 

These are all Made in the USA!

They fit on top of your Current plastic cover to dress up the engine bay. Click the pictures to See more info, Purchase Securely.

Super Sticky adhesive


Many people spend lots of time and effort to keep the outside of their vehicle clean and shiny but ignore under the hood.

Our covers are dress up components that mount on your Ecotec engine bay, to give it a crisp, clean polished look.

You will love the way it looks, so will others!

Fits all Kappas I.E. Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, and Opel GT!

Made of .038 (20 ga.) thick #8 Mirror stainless, which has been laser cut.

Parts are vinyl coated on the shiny side, to protect the finish.

Super Sticky Adhesive is mounted on the back to ensure it sticks to the Plastic Cover.

The Vinyl Peels right off, to reveal the fantastic mirror – like – finish on this super looking material.

They fit on top of your Current plastic cover to dress up the engine bay.

To be clear: this does not replace the current cover, but it a decoration so to speak, a dress up component of our Engine cover / Kappa fuse box cover combo.

Only available here at Super D Specialties.

We are trying really hard to keep our prices down, as everything seems to be going up, up, up.

Great products at a reasonable price!

Super Easy! Super nice looking!

Made in the USA!


And we have our “Stealth Mode” Fuse Box Cover

Powder Coated Steel, a Great Look, tough finish.

Matches the “Stealth Mode” Engine Cover.

Only available right here.

Again Made in the USA!