Engine Covers

People spend lots of time and effort to keep the outside of their vehicle clean and shiny, but ignore under the hood.

Our engine covers are dress up components that mount on your  Ecotec Turbo, or 2.4L engine, to give it a crisp, clean polished look.

Ecotec Turbo Cover:


You will love the way it looks, so will others!

Made of .035 (20 ga.) thick #8 Mirror stainless, which has been laser cut, CNC formed.

Parts are vinyl coated on the shiny side, to protect the finish.  Made in the USA!

The Vinyl Peels right off, to reveal the fantastic mirror – like – finish on this super tough material.

This is the real deal for your Kappa! Your engine bay can look like these pictures! Totally Custom look!

Bolts Right on! No Hassles.

Custom built / formed to fit your Solstice GXP / Sky Redline / Opel GT

Guaranteed, or your money back!

Approx. size = 16 3/4″ Long x 9.5″ wide. with 4 mounting holes.  Uses existing holes in engine.  No mods to car.

Important! as part of the engine, these will get very hot- just so you are aware!!

We currently have 2 Styles of Engine Covers:

Just click the picture to view pricing / order your cover. and see more pics/ info.

  1.  ‘Ecotec’ with the cutouts, fantastic Mirror finish, bolts right on your Turbo Charged 2.0 L. *

Made in the U.S.A.!!!


Ecotec Turbo Cover with the Fuse Box Cover combo.




This cover fits all Turbocharged Kappa’s! (Base Cover)


All Covers come wrapped in vinyl to protect the shiny side!

2).  Base cover, for the 2.4L Naturally Aspirated (NA) Ecotec Engine.

No name cutouts on this Version, is designed for the extra hoses, Clearances.

This version Will fit either Ecotec engine. (if you don’t like the name cutouts!) Fits all Kappa’s!

Both come with all the needed hardware, (Bolt Kit) and Instructions.



Base Cover Combo with Fuse Box cover




Ecotec Engine cover Bolt Kit:





  • This engine is one of the highest Horsepower to Cubic inch displacement ever Produced by G.M. And that is stock!! Let alone a few tweaks!