Solstice, Sky, Opel GT Console Bags

Our Console bags are Custom built Specifically for the Kappas, to fit exactly as you see here.


These items fit all models of Pontiac Solstice , Saturn Sky, or Opel GT., Coupes, or Convertibles!

All these Custom Embroideries are done in house, at Super D LLC.

We have Many, MANY, different things that can be put on these bags, Scroll down to see lots of Ideas.

We are now offering Combo deals, where you get a Great hat, and a Custom Console bag shipped to you in the same box, nice and convenient!

If you own a Solstice, Sky, or Opel GT you need this bag!!

It adds a whole dimension to the Cockpit of your Kappa. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

It measures approx. 6″ X 18″ Long, and has 2 pockets sewn on it approx 4″ tall, enough for your cell phone, wallet, keys, checkbook, pen, whatever you need at your fingertips.

Installs in seconds, using the hidden clips sewn on the back. Simply slide the clips under the console, one side at a time, and off you go, no messing about.

Made of top quality vinyl.

Make great gifts!!

All of our Console bags are handcrafted= Made in the U.S.A.!!!!  Just click the picture to order, see item information.